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Discovery in human reproductive rules

發現的生育規律有三條規律組成, 用它就可以解釋到十種現象:

The three reproductive rules explain ten phenomenons.

 1,  基本規律 , 她未懷孕前已決定了第一胎該生兒或育女 ;

Basic rule, gender has been determined before first conception

 2,  主要規律 , 在一些性愛條件下可以基本決定二三四等胎的嬰兒性別 ;

The main rule, certain conditions can determine the gender of the second, third and fourth baby’s gender;

 3, 特殊規律 , 夫婦之中如有特別聰明者會使家庭生單一性別的子女 ;

Special rule, one side in a couple with extremely high IQ will give birth to single gender offsprings

 4,  看似不符合規律 , 但解析後卻仍在規律之中 ;

A rule or not----rule’s universality and particularity

 5,  運用基本規律 , 解釋各國在戰後男嬰急增的原因 ;

Basic rule explains rapid increase of boy birth in the world after big wars.

 6,  運用基本規律 , 解釋社會團體男女人口結構的平衡 ;

Basic rule explains public organization (Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps) gender ratio balance

 7,  運用基本規律 , 解釋中國以往明清王朝和多妻制國家男性多的原因 ;

Basic rule explains male outnumbering in Ming, Qing dynasty and polygynous nations

 8,  運用主要和特殊二規 , 解釋人類智商的提昇是進化所必需 ;

The use of rules explains the statement that the promotion and balance of human intelligence are necessary for evolution;

 9, 為何各國歷年統計男嬰總比女嬰多4%左右?

Why in every country, baby boy birth rate is around 4% higher than girls?

10, 在懷孕前父母該如何做 , 可傳優良基因給下一代 ?

How to good genes to the next generation to have eugenic children before pregnancy?

11, 分析諾獎大嬴家------猶太人 :

Analysis of the big winner of Nobel Prize ----- Jews

12, " 一胎化" , 多妻制和少生少養 , 對社會和國家並非 ;

One child policy, polygyny and breed-less, are these beneficial or harmful to the country?


Glands imbalance affect the gender

14, 哺乳類動物的繁衍規律一般是生殖的初級階段 ;

Mammal’s reproductive rule dominates in the first stage of reproduction.

15,  妳想生仔嗎 ? 妳想生囡嗎 ? 可請教顧問 ;

Do you want a boy or a girl? Please refer to our consultant.

16男性壽命普遍地比女性短的原因 ;

Why men’s life is always shorter than women

17, 從生育規律的發現證明它符合事物發展的基本規律 ;

The finding of reproductive rules and its consistency with the natural developing pattern.

18, 人類演化中如何不斷地剔除壞蛋 ;

How to keep removing the defects in human evolution

19, 基因------遺傳外形和內在的秉性與細絲共振能互通信息;

Gene---the key for external and internal inheritance and information exchange resonance



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Discovery in human reproductive rules
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17,  the finding of reproductive rules and its consistency with the natural developing pattern.

After millions of years of development and natural selection, there should be some innate reasons for the existence of human being. One of the reason well known in human developing history is that humans brain kept thinking and the brain volume is always enlarging; it begins from the improving of construction and hunting tools, to the developing of modern and advanced technology. They all cant be separated from brains thinking and long-term learning from the ancestors. Reproductive rules are the results of brain thinking. It is not reasonable to discuss the eugenics apart from the long-term working of the parents� brain.


The intelligence and gender balancing in different countries, races and societies can be explained from the following aspects:


1, In long-term evolution, human endured thousands of wars natural or social disasters. The gender balance relies on the number of marriage age male and female, which will influence the desiring of men and women. Apparent or vague pursuer will get a baby of opposite sex. However, the first baby comes in the first stage of reproduction; the promotion of intelligence is relatively small.



2, Gender maintains balance in national or ethnic groups of the society depends on the intelligence and mental differences of the couple. Biologist Charles Darwin mentioned a century ago: the intelligence difference between sex has a large role in sex selection. Therefore, it can be clearly said currently: " Differences of difference also helps to balance gender and is the original driving force for intelligence balance" This is the access to intermediate stage of reproduction, it makes the next generation satisfy the needs of the surviving competition, leaving the baby sex decided by parents� reaction.


3, Mutations in human evolution will produce about 2-3% people with extreme high intelligence. They can enhance and spread of human intelligence, and played an important role to contribute to the balance of the intelligence of human. And thus it constantly improves and average intelligence among races and families. They all participate in the evolution of reproduction. This is the advanced stage of reproduction. It utilizes its limited power of IQ promotion for 97-98% of human. To promote such a large population with a limited power, the evolution of human history is a very, very slow process.



4, countries or ethnic population gender can balance; intelligence is basically balanced between men and women in different countries. Most of people maintain healthy state, guarantee men and women having average physical state. All that can make sex balanced and normal depend on activities of human. Couples glandular slightly differs- for example, they differs and causes the differences of intelligence between the sex, and further affects natural selection of ovum membrane receptors� and picks difference baby gender.


5, Each year in each country, annual newly born boy birth rate is about 3-4 % higher than girl. It is because of different desire and duration of its peak of different gender. And it has nothing to do with the economics of the country; has nothing to do with lactation duration; has nothing to do with the intelligence of the peoples. It is just because of, under the influence of the basic reproductive rule, psychological and physical desire difference dont come at the same time.


6, ancient dynasty perishment and modern wars high frequency, despite different causes such as politics and economics, the fundamental reason is the emperor�s or leaders declining of intelligence. They failed to talk earnestly and turn hostility into friendship. Parents think little, read little, always gamble and buy shares. These are key reasons for intelligence degradation. Such a conclusion was drawn from analysis and research of the Jewish peoples intelligence to and their winners of Nobel Prize in the last century.


7, male life expectancy is generally shorter than for women; when the Y sperm and egg adhesion, gender hormones than when X sperm and egg adhesion. Mens physical performances after born is similar in some characteristics to that of the Y sperm in the vagina: Y sperm can initially be of alkali tolerance and acidic intolerance, flexible and active as boy children, endurance is not enough, only can survive twenty or thirty hours, while the X sperm is of both alkali tolerance and acidic tolerance, can survive in the vagina for thirty to forty hours. new born baby boy is 3 - 4% more than new born baby girl per year, thus can, to a certain extent, compensate for womens longer life caused lack of men of the same age. This inadvertently cause population structure to be basically balanced in times of peace .



8, to cultivate a new generation of high intelligent human children, the parents must start from the marriage. Focusing on business or read much before pregnancy will affect their thinking and strengthen the brain. The child will change from the general one pair hormones integration into two pairs of mutual integration and selection of different hormones. Mathematical permutations and combinations will result in three more options. It will be more easily to get good thinking genetic composition in "natural selection"; parental consent or encourage for their children to intermarriage between races will make the future generations brain more prone to mutation, and further nurture a new better generation. This conclusion is drawn from the birth rate of the United States after World War II. Like Britain, France and other countries, it also had a low birth rate, but its people won far more Nobel Prize than Britain, France and Germany (Jewish scientists emigrated from Germany to United States after World War II are excluded from the list.)



Human evolution: follow the three reproductive rules, basic rule, main rule and special rule ------ gender determination; the three  rule ------gender balance and IQ balance with female & male bodys balance of strength;------ then the purpose of evolution------ evolutes to a new world with harmony and new human generation;

Reproductive rules� key lies in the role of the brain in the history of human evolution, imbalance between men and women in society. The intelligence of men and women is not the same; difference exists in couples physical strength; strong or beautiful; genetic disease, etc. These will all gradually reverse or compensate over time by brain and glandular secretion. Reproductive rules, like the other things in the universe, develop, constantly change, and balance. There are regularity exist between differences. Know rules, master rules, and use rules to improve and enhance human intelligence. From World War II baby wave of the United States to win the Nobel Prize, and from the current President Obama, we can see that the new generation of human beings is rising. It is the goal that the anthropology is currently looking for. We should all strive for new goals, change human intelligence and improve the global environment, and create a new society of universal unity




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