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Discovery in human reproductive rules

發現的生育規律有三條規律組成, 用它就可以解釋到十種現象:

The three reproductive rules explain ten phenomenons.

 1,  基本規律 , 她未懷孕前已決定了第一胎該生兒或育女 ;

Basic rule, gender has been determined before first conception

 2,  主要規律 , 在一些性愛條件下可以基本決定二三四等胎的嬰兒性別 ;

The main rule, certain conditions can determine the gender of the second, third and fourth baby’s gender;

 3, 特殊規律 , 夫婦之中如有特別聰明者會使家庭生單一性別的子女 ;

Special rule, one side in a couple with extremely high IQ will give birth to single gender offsprings

 4,  看似不符合規律 , 但解析後卻仍在規律之中 ;

A rule or not----rule’s universality and particularity

 5,  運用基本規律 , 解釋各國在戰後男嬰急增的原因 ;

Basic rule explains rapid increase of boy birth in the world after big wars.

 6,  運用基本規律 , 解釋社會團體男女人口結構的平衡 ;

Basic rule explains public organization (Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps) gender ratio balance

 7,  運用基本規律 , 解釋中國以往明清王朝和多妻制國家男性多的原因 ;

Basic rule explains male outnumbering in Ming, Qing dynasty and polygynous nations

 8,  運用主要和特殊二規 , 解釋人類智商的提昇是進化所必需 ;

The use of rules explains the statement that the promotion and balance of human intelligence are necessary for evolution;

 9, 為何各國歷年統計男嬰總比女嬰多4%左右?

Why in every country, baby boy birth rate is around 4% higher than girls?

10, 在懷孕前父母該如何做 , 可傳優良基因給下一代 ?

How to good genes to the next generation to have eugenic children before pregnancy?

11, 分析諾獎大嬴家------猶太人 :

Analysis of the big winner of Nobel Prize ----- Jews

12, " 一胎化" , 多妻制和少生少養 , 對社會和國家並非 ;

One child policy, polygyny and breed-less, are these beneficial or harmful to the country?


Glands imbalance affect the gender

14, 哺乳類動物的繁衍規律一般是生殖的初級階段 ;

Mammal’s reproductive rule dominates in the first stage of reproduction.

15,  妳想生仔嗎 ? 妳想生囡嗎 ? 可請教顧問 ;

Do you want a boy or a girl? Please refer to our consultant.

16男性壽命普遍地比女性短的原因 ;

Why men’s life is always shorter than women

17, 從生育規律的發現證明它符合事物發展的基本規律 ;

The finding of reproductive rules and its consistency with the natural developing pattern.

18, 人類演化中如何不斷地剔除壞蛋 ;

How to keep removing the defects in human evolution

19, 基因------遺傳外形和內在的秉性與細絲共振能互通信息;

Gene---the key for external and internal inheritance and information exchange resonance



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Discovery in human reproductive rules
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18, How to keep removing the defects in human evolution


In the thousands of years of human evolution, there are internal rules and principles. In order to reproduce the next generation, in the zygote formation after sex, thousands of receptors in ovum membrane would be very careful to select the best: make sure of the balance between gender and IQ; make the genes normal and the fetal healthy; make the height medium and appearance appealing so that people attract each others. And in the growing progress it keeps arranging selection: "Stay stronger and eliminate the weaker"; eliminate a number of violent people who are unreasonable and gregarious, preserve the majority of honest people and a small group of people who are on the edge of the society ------ Someone who can not only change to good ones, but also adapt to the evolution of society. Why say this? I will explain.


If trace back to the five thousand years of of Chinese history, or review the communities throughout the world, we see that honest people are always the majority, the murders, arsons, ruthless villains are only a small part. Why?



"Student surpasses the teacher "is an old saying. Consider from the opposite side, shouldnt the children be worse than their bad parents? During the Cultural Revolution in China, when one wanted to show that he listened to the party and was an active torrent of revolution, he would fight the colleagues immediately who were the partners in everyday life. It also showed the ugly side of human nature  I thought there was retribution; otherwise there would be only bad men after thousands of years of evolution. Actually it is not the case, and then what is the reason? After decades, I heard about the "secular retribution ending scenes; some on himself, others on their children. How to explain this phenomenon scientifically----- - A bad beginning makes a bad ending?


After understanding the human minds and genetics, there can be reasonable explanations:


First, on the mental aspect;


When young men and women fall in love, after a period of time, if one finds that the other's thoughts and some of the acts are so different from the ones parents and normal friends, one would not select the other as the whole life partner. This selection makes the continuation of the bad genes difficult. Although young people may be deceived by some bad people, these situations are rare. Also whether the couples can corporate after the marriage is a problem. All these make it difficult for the bad people to reproduce. "Natural selection" plays an important role in human evolution. This is the "one path towards error is closed, while the other path to truth is open." Check the bad ones in history, we can know the ultimate fate of the deadliest.


If one did something bad, he would feel guilty and upset, and would be easy to have a number of malignant diseases and die in a short time, e.g. cancer or neurological diseases. It is more likely for the evils to have slight conscience. In general the healthier may be good-natured, work honorably, be warm to relatives, friends and colleagues around, always aloof, and forgive others in many situations.


Secondly, on the genetic aspect;


When the evil people get married at the age of twenty or thirty, they already have many bad ideas. He does many bad things, and the evil minds would be inherited to their children. Hence in the modern society, there are some misdemeanors, big liar, big corruption, or big bribers. But once they are sentenced by law for a long time, these lessons of blood and life would alert their family and children, so that they would review the past life and be aware of the ethical behaviors, and their children would understand the ethical behaviors. When their children have lessons, they would not think the evil ideas before pregnancy, which would reduce the chances to pass the evil minds to the next generation, so that the number of malicious genes would be reduced. (Of course some bad guys learn the evil ideas from the others.) For the most heinous or brutal people, it may cause their children learn ethical, or reduce the chances to pass the evil genes. If their descendants are not awake, this would repeat ------ they are sentenced and their descendants are awake. As the bad ones would be sentenced and their descendants would be awake, they already are defeated by the natural selection, so that the bad people are only a small part in society.


What makes the humans different from general primates and mammals? It lies on the virtues and ethics regarded highly in the spiritual world, which based on a "love", other than the wealth, power or hegemony. How many bad people in the history have prosperous future generations as the Kong, Meng, Zhao Qian Sun and Li, etc?


In addition, bad behaviors and habits are difficult to eradicate;


Although the drug users and the gambles are bad, these are limited to themselves and do not cause infringement of others lives. Because their bad behaviors would not lead so far to death, they can only be educated and rehabilitated; hence it is not easy to alert their children. Hence the genes can be passed from generation to generation, which causes the phenomenon that the current social gambling and drug abuse are very rampant. Go around the casinos in the U.S., you can find that forty to fifty percent of the people are Chinese and Asian, which is much larger than the locals. If you see these circumstances and have a profound experience, it can be easily drawn that "the Chinese is a gambling race.


How to prove the genetic gambling? For example, there are some children in one family, and some of them do not like playing mahjong, while the others are addicted to it, and feel like missing something if they dont play in the holiday. Their parents can recall whether they are addicted to stock trading during pregnant? Such examples can be seen everywhere in today's society. It can be proved that gambling can be genetic hereditary to the next generation.


Improving people's cultural and educational level is the only approach to correct the illegal acts and moral thinking of the next generation, and I hope all the parties can work together for future generations, ------ from the efforts to reduce the percentage of failures in HKCEE, to produce less fools, ------ an old saying: " To feed without teaching, is the father's fault. To teach without severity, is the teacher's laziness. Today how many parents and teachers remember this saying? According to this, it is not sensational that the human intelligence goes backward. The older generation should educate more, and contribute their life-long knowledge and energy to the human society to fight for a better life for the next generation; it is every citizen's responsibility today!

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