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Discovery in human reproductive rules

發現的生育規律有三條規律組成, 用它就可以解釋到十種現象:

The three reproductive rules explain ten phenomenons.

 1,  基本規律 , 她未懷孕前已決定了第一胎該生兒或育女 ;

Basic rule, gender has been determined before first conception

 2,  主要規律 , 在一些性愛條件下可以基本決定二三四等胎的嬰兒性別 ;

The main rule, certain conditions can determine the gender of the second, third and fourth baby’s gender;

 3, 特殊規律 , 夫婦之中如有特別聰明者會使家庭生單一性別的子女 ;

Special rule, one side in a couple with extremely high IQ will give birth to single gender offsprings

 4,  看似不符合規律 , 但解析後卻仍在規律之中 ;

A rule or not----rule’s universality and particularity

 5,  運用基本規律 , 解釋各國在戰後男嬰急增的原因 ;

Basic rule explains rapid increase of boy birth in the world after big wars.

 6,  運用基本規律 , 解釋社會團體男女人口結構的平衡 ;

Basic rule explains public organization (Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps) gender ratio balance

 7,  運用基本規律 , 解釋中國以往明清王朝和多妻制國家男性多的原因 ;

Basic rule explains male outnumbering in Ming, Qing dynasty and polygynous nations

 8,  運用主要和特殊二規 , 解釋人類智商的提昇是進化所必需 ;

The use of rules explains the statement that the promotion and balance of human intelligence are necessary for evolution;

 9, 為何各國歷年統計男嬰總比女嬰多4%左右?

Why in every country, baby boy birth rate is around 4% higher than girls?

10, 在懷孕前父母該如何做 , 可傳優良基因給下一代 ?

How to good genes to the next generation to have eugenic children before pregnancy?

11, 分析諾獎大嬴家------猶太人 :

Analysis of the big winner of Nobel Prize ----- Jews

12, " 一胎化" , 多妻制和少生少養 , 對社會和國家並非 ;

One child policy, polygyny and breed-less, are these beneficial or harmful to the country?


Glands imbalance affect the gender

14, 哺乳類動物的繁衍規律一般是生殖的初級階段 ;

Mammal’s reproductive rule dominates in the first stage of reproduction.

15,  妳想生仔嗎 ? 妳想生囡嗎 ? 可請教顧問 ;

Do you want a boy or a girl? Please refer to our consultant.

16男性壽命普遍地比女性短的原因 ;

Why men’s life is always shorter than women

17, 從生育規律的發現證明它符合事物發展的基本規律 ;

The finding of reproductive rules and its consistency with the natural developing pattern.

18, 人類演化中如何不斷地剔除壞蛋 ;

How to keep removing the defects in human evolution

19, 基因------遺傳外形和內在的秉性與細絲共振能互通信息;

Gene---the key for external and internal inheritance and information exchange resonance



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19,  Gene---the key for external and internal inheritance and information exchange resonance

Gene is the fundamental components of animals and plants; it contains the DNA of mammals and human beings. Species survives and reproduces trough tens of thousands of years, DNA helped them to keep the basic phenotype and intrinsic characteristics.

As we all know, human beings genotype contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, in which 22 pairs are termed as autosomes, and the left one pair is termed as sex chromosome----X chromosome and Y chromosome. In all, we have three billion DNA base pairs, the base sequence formed by T (thymine), A (adenine), C (cytosine), G (guanine), are matched as T-A, C-G, and this is called base complementation, it is the essential characteristics for DNA duplication and RNA transcription.

In the ocean of base pairs, parts of them make up to 20-25 thousands genes. The genetic code is embedded in the combination of base pair. Frequent functional genes add up to only 5-10% of whole genotype, others may come from ancestors and remain in silence rather than in function. Functional genes are dominant genes. According to the scientific research, whole genotype can be categorized under 6 groups, namely A, B, C, D, E, and F, each has its own field of function. X chromosome falls under group C while Y chromosome falls under group G. For ordinary people, they contain two set of chromosomes. If compared with the number of chromosomes in male and female nuclei, female own genes 1.88 times more than male. This explains why male and female show difference in characteristics and why more genetic diseases come from female. For example

" Maternal love is great? blossom into womanhood? "the women's heart is the deep ocean of secrets? " Woman and mean person are the most difficult to get along with", "Women's heart is the most venemous"---These sayings, approving or derogatory, are used to describe that women share a more detailed, sympathetic, sentimental and unstable characteristic than men. This is also associated with that women sharing more genes than men and thus have a more considerate mind.

" A prime minister's mind should be broad enough for poling a boat? this is used to describe men's characteristics as outgoing, straightforward, generous, bold, and sometimes calculating and vicious.----approving or derogatory, these descriptions are simpler than those of women's. Men might be less considerate, less complicated and less detail-minded. This is associated with that they share less genes compared with women.

"Nephews resemble uncles" "genetic flaw easily get passed on from mother"---The former saying describes that children look more like maternal relatives; the latter saying describes that genetic diseases are inherited more often from mother, e.g. cancers and schizophrenia. Similarly, women have more genes than men so the frequency of above-mentioned situation is higher.

It is not a definite benefit to own more genes. Women may distract unconsciously and fail to focus on certain things. This can explain why there are not many women having achieved career peak or the Nobel Prize. Men own less genes, so they have less distraction and can focus on one or two certain things or some professional research. Combining with perseverance and strong wills, much more men achieve their career peak or even the Nobel Prize. It is important to maintain the genetic quantitative difference and IQ difference to keep a normal human society. Darwin has ever said, "Heterosexual IQ difference is the demand of natural selection.?I have already elaborated the IQ difference in the reproductive rule, and it is the driving force for human gender balancing. The newly found heterosexual genetic quantitative difference is the foundation of heterosexual difference and the base of labor division in human society. Dialectical materialism suggested that two contradicted parts will transform towards opposite directions under certain conditions. In our case, this condition is the couple's unity, and it may lead the characteristic distribution transform to the opposite direction in the next generation.

Early from the zygote mitosis, cell contains two set of genes from mother and father and each set can function separately. Therefore, the probability of genetic error is very low. Genes predominate the brain, the limbs and the cerebral position in the development, arrange external appearance, skin and hair color, and arrange internal visceral organs, glands, and neural system. In different stages, genes instruct different intrinsic characteristics and IQ levels inherited from parents. In this way, intrinsic genes form the human society, which combined by tens of thousands of individuals with different temper, characteristics, and IQ.

Twenty-three pairs, forty six filamentous chromosomes in all, cannot demonstrate all their genes in condensed state. Only when the cells need genes to function, chromosomes will demonstrate in fine filaments. After decades of scientific research, scientists confirmed that DNA exists as a double helix-shaped state, and it is related to genetic code embedded in the chromosome. biological evolution is such magical and delicate, why don't  filaments of chromosome keep the state of a straight line or a curve shape or a round shape , instead of the practical double helix shape?

The purpose can be reasonably and clearly explained by current science. according to long biological evolution history from lower to high; gene filaments may indeed underwent the following process: line ---> curve (difficult to break) ---> sine curve (resistant to vibration and more difficult to break) ---> single spiral-shaped curve (performing simple three-dimensional vibration, which meets the need of information exchange in low-level organisms) ---> double helix-shaped curve (producing more complex co-amplitude vibration, increasing information exchange and expanding information transmission distance among allogenic and heterogenic species) ---> double helix Curve with equidistant and equi-spaced T- A and C - G base pair composition (ensuring absolute precision in the resonant wave frequency) .

Those who ever kept goldfish or tropical fish should have witnessed in the light that fish intestines, starting from line, curve, to twist and turns to increase the absorption time. Same case is in genes development. The double helix filaments must have endured the same evolution from line to today's double-helix-shaped with fixed flat filaments and equi-spaced equidistant base pairs, for the sake of resonance preciseness in the information transmission between species. Scientists have also found that the double helix-shaped filaments are flat and very thin. This is convenient for each section in the filaments to reach larger resonance amplitude on the minimal cross-section. In every point of each section on a spiral structure, vibration is reasonably forming the sector and expanding the vibration in all directions. This extends the resonance regions.

As we all know, all objects have their own vibration frequency, so are the human and mammals. In the family or a ethnic group, 23 pairs of chromosomes are further divided into six groups, or two sets from mother and father. T-A and C-G base pairs in each of the double helix filament, along with other factors in the pitch and intervals, all these add up, permutate and combine, can result in tens of billions of different frequencies. Therefore each person or family member owns an intrinsic frequency, slightly difference or similar, can then hold different affinity to another frequency, as chips differ in wavelength. This is the history of biological evolution, so amazing, strict and perfect.

Current scientific conclusion is that: most of the animals and the human genes are basically the same, all animals and human genes only differs by less than 10%, may even by 1-2%. This means that the vast majority of animals and humans shares the same double-helical filament structure, and this forms the foundation that all animals and humans, having the same genes, having the natural frequency of vibration. This is important, it is created inter-Gene filaments resonance conditions In the wild, many different species of different genera of animals can live together in harmony and mutual communication through genetic resonance. Is it not to harm each other's information or malicious information of risk? In many cases, red deer fled as quickly as possible in the forest without seeing the tiger or leopard, with only the breath of the air gene resonance or the resonance caused by their own judgments of approaching danger. Humans can communicate with people or train animals. This derived the following four points.

First, from the physics view, double helix-shaped filaments are easy to vibrate and resonate under extremely minimal influence of brain or outside lighting and noise wave. This tiny vibration, including their flash of thoughts or the sudden shock or blood and vibration of the external noise or land ------ makes double-stranded helical filaments likely to cause fluctuations in the longitudinal and transverse direction, amplifying the possible transmission and reception ----- fine filaments is convenient to resonate. From gene amplification DNA  to the structure divided, as It is for the double fine filament and formed a new DNA system. It shall be of    promotion metabolism. So, C-G and A-T two pyrimidines pair between there are small gap, It not only could be basic of common vibration, but also is promoted  for metabolism part,

Second, the double helix structure of the gene filaments is beneficial to vertical and horizontal fluctuations,There is cell liquid in brain, it is of a hard or soft materials under some condition,  such as, some air seem a hard in car tire. As being hard in the karyotype framing  ducts, it shall be spiral rope along the double helix filament of genes. 

It will be of  physical functionSo it will be easy to form three-dimensional wave transmission and reception and release in need. In the same breath, it controls their own internal transmission to the entire free space in the outside world, and increases the sensitivity of the weak fluctuation and receive the information in three-dimensional. As we know, in physics, microwave transmission has its strength and speed. Scientists also found that the double helix-shaped filament is flat and thin. Flatness is beneficial to amplify resonance amplitude, increasing the sensitivity; each section on each point in the vibration could reasonably transmit in all directions, expanding the contact and reception range. The history of biological evolution is so strict .

Furthermore, cell's biological static passed by the spiral shape may be amplified because of electrostatic induction, to the extent that after several repeated amplification, it can easily make some small mammals have a strong telepathy. For example, a very slight sound or vibration or even a light wave triggered by eyes of humans or animals, will make mammals run away or turn back to it; genetic multi-level static and amplified resonance transfer genetic information to allogenic species or from the same genes of parents or brothers, or even the eyes of teachers and students---- malicious or friendly information.

Finally, when people are frightened or when experiencing particular cold, brain-controlled neurons and cell proteins are threatened and people will shake. This is the maximum resonance the double helical filaments can achieve due to internal or external factors. But human baby, due to the gene fine filaments don't grown-up and could be of common vibration charcteristic. So, as to met coolest wether, these babies din't were shaken. This resonance is out of control, even can lead to the death of timid wild muntjac deer in Hongkong. Whether it dies from the burst of cardiovascular or cerebrovascular is still under research.

One inspiration came over to my mind in one morning. Why DNA would contain two flat spiral

 spring filaments besides the 4 types of bases and thus form a “spiral spring”in this way? 

And why they are interlocked with the base groups, what do they serve for? And why there are also interlocks between C-G and A-T?

  I have designed great many machines including variant forms of spirals, so I am very familiar

 with the interlock theory.


The dual long spirals could resonate in 3 dimentions, so the resonance could pass on in all 

directions. With the interlock between base groups, the resonance could be achieved in the 

narrow intercellular space without affecting the functions of their own.


 Generally, even only with the cells along the sulci in the temporal lobes, the resonance could

 be startedIt would be enough if each cell could open 4or5 base groups. Not only for animals,

 they could also send out the microwave telepathy between human beings. The trumpet shape 

of the cerebral sulci enhances the force of sending and receiving the resonance, which further 

enables reception and communication between species and genus.


The book "A look at the world of the cell " says: the behavior of cells are organized, purposeful, appropriate to reflect the message given by the external environment ₒ ... ... it shows the external environment of each cell can absorb the message and reflect in the cell's coordination in its crawling ability. Mr. Guenter Albrecht-Buehler, (Northwestern University Medical School) has ever said: "I ​​think this is equivalent to some form of intelligence, therefore, cells must have a control center, A structure similar to brain. "... ... He also found that the cell behavior in the organism is actually similar to the whole body behavior. He also said: "This is not a simple automatic behavior. The cell is using a kind of intellectual form, act after detection of various possibilities.

Cell appears to be able to obtain information from the environment, and digested these messages. The cell would not want to try every direction at the same time. "... ..." brain cells " ......"cell central body, " then next largest puzzle will be how cell gets messages from outside....... the book says: What is the cell's sense organ? Does cell have eyes, ears or other senses? By accepting the messages, how does cell transfer them to the central body? How does cell analyze and deal with these messages? How does cell carry out decision after determination? How does cell inform the actin cytoskeleton to start the remodeling project?

Obviously, if the cell wants to exercise consistently, there must be a comprehensive ability to adjust. Above-discussed "double helix-shaped filaments with three dimension resonance" is to serve as the "brain cells" and the sense organ for "centrioles perpendicular to each other", sensitively receive and transfer internal and external information. In mitosis, transformation and re-shaping of the T - A, C - G base pairs maintains the space, sp that it still ensures the double helix filaments vibration connecting with external environment, and keep its frequency consistent with the original one.

A cell is very small, the double helix-shaped chromosome genes inside it are further fine but about two meters long. It caused resonance microwave. Advantages of microwave are that: it calls for little energy to vibrate, but sends far with good velocity. Many modern mobile phone microwave are redirected from the satellite, they cover the distance longer than any two points on the earth but still arrives into opposite mobile at the same time. Therefore, animals microwave speed for information exchange and communication is also very fast.

The book also mentioned that in cell culture dish, " When the two cells are close to each other to a certain distance, they usually change their directions, ... ... cells appear to be sensitive to each other, they will test each other then choose to retrieve or part away. " No eyes, no ears, no other sensory organs, cell detects othere approaching by double spiral-shaped filamentous genetic three-dimensional microwave resonance"

For examples;

Animal behavior in small earthquakes------ Before the earthquake, deep earth crust gives out very little vibration different from usual and arouses cerebral resonance of animals. Being aware of the dangers approaching, Double helix gene vibrates and commands. Animals flee, instead of fleeing in chaotic, they flee in one direction ------ ------ the direction with the least resonance----representing as the large scale escape.

Regional regression flow of migratory birds, fish, and turtle---- Each year, most of the animals flows from the distant corners of the earth to their born place. They mate and reproduce in the same period. This is the double helix filaments resonance effect. It transmits and receives and leading seasonal flow each year at the same time.

Amblyopia little bat predation of small flying insects;------ it gives off its resonant wave in flying------ cell needs protein supply to maintain its function, thus chromosome can resonate in filaments. Flying insects received weak but still stronger than that of its own resonance. Their own genetic filaments shake and resonate due to the fear. Bat catches flying insects by constantly detecting the gradually enhanced resonance. This is what we said in the past that the bat head could emit radar waves to capture preysPractically, it is microwave common vibration, but is not radar-wave in their brain of the bats. There are microwave common vibration in lot of kind animals body, but its don't be used found food.

Shark bloody prey by vibration;------ Shark has poor visions but sensitive olfactory sense and genetic filament reception for resonance. The new sea swimmer will get advice from the experienced sailors: Do not be afraid, swim boldly. The more you fear, the closer it is to you. Because fear will make genetic filaments vibrate and send out resonance. Microwave in this way will attract the sharks. It approaches preys according to gradually growing resonance.

Loss of small whales and dolphins; ------ Once they are sick or too naughty, cells cannot perform the genetic communication and operation, and there would be no genetic filaments resonance for information exchange. The whole population will not be able to inform them of migration. These few small whales or dolphins then lost and stray. That why we sometimes read on newspapers that some individual whales or dolphins cannot travel with the team and get lost.

Pet dogs and cats sense human owners------ After the pet gets familiar with its owner, when the owner comes home from work, he misses the pet on approaching the door, genetic filaments inside pet brain cells will receive the resonance. As the resonance gradually grows, it barks for welcome, on knowing the owner is only 4-5 minutes ride or 4-5 hundred meters away. If the owner does not think about it, these pet will not sense his smell until he is near the house. No footsteps to sense by driving, and no quiet environment in the day time for distinguishing owner footsteps when he is hundreds of meters away. Search dogs are dispatched in landslides or earthquakes about ten hours later than the catastrophes. Dead should not have decayed within this period, so no smell or taste can be identified. Their search is not led by a strong olfactory sense, but led by genetic resonance aroused by fear. The stronger the resonance is, the more possible there are livings beneath.

Changes in the weather causing joint pain------ Distant thunderstorm and lightening are the cause of electromagnetic waves and will arouse resonance of the double helical filaments in certain parts of human body. People will feel uncomfortable or painful knee joint pain and soreness, and immediately feel loss of legs and knees. Static in human cells have already been proved. It adjusts voltage according to local neural system's status. Genetic filaments in these parts correspond with natural static and causing the discomfort in these parts.

Family relatives having traffic accidents;------agony of their loved ones or their regrets before death would cause strong resonance of the double helix filaments, sometimes causing the same genetic filament resonating and arousing a feeling of anxiety in distant relatives. If cells do not open the relevant genetic filaments, there would be no resonance, therefore no any feelings of anxiety.

Intuition between two first met;------In public-private issues, two first met may have a favorable impression or not on each other. This feeling comes from the resonance between the two people genetic filaments. If the double helix filaments resonant frequencies match each other, they feel intimate and share discourse. If they don't match, they feel dislikeful and don't have much to talk. As time goes by, if resonances adjust with each other, they would be more harmonious, but if the contrary case, discord comes. Frequencies between couples decide whether couples live together or end up in divorce.

So-called telepathic in relatives;------ Many overseas students or workers have this feelings: when they wanted to pick up the phone and have a talk with their parents or children, the phone rang and it was just the one they were missing. Sometimes, they met the busy line, no long after they hang up the phone, it rang and they found out the busy line just now was actually because they called each other right at the same time. They are half the world away, holding only 2-3 leisure hours. Statistically, the chance for them to make this phone call together is less than 1%. But in reality, the chance is once in tens to twenties. This is because there is same mutual genetic resonance in direct relatives. Missing another makes 3-dimentional resonance of double helix filaments and increases the frequency of meeting telephone calls together.

If we go deeper, we will find that the resonance speed is equivalent or even faster than light. Telepathy is actually the resonance. I hear a magic story from my neighbor: he ever visited a mysterious temple and saw many monks sitting in meditation with eye closed and legs crossed. One monk was sitting with leg stretched on the floor. My neighbor thought, now can he sit like this? At that very moment, he saw the monk jumped and sat on the previous place with legs crossed. Eminent monks have clear mind, so they receive filament resonance easily. This telepathy is most sensitive between enzygotic siblings, than between the parents and children, then couples, decreasing with the genetic similarity.

The so-called telepathy passes and communicates with a substance rather than being a communication from nowhere. This substance is the microwave generated by human body static and close relative genetic filaments resonance. The above microwave characteristics, combined with directionality of relatives, result in very little energy consumption. Human beings can maintain telepathic state, as long as the cell genes are at the open state.

   In the Epoch Times on Jan 11th 2013, there was a piece of news titled “plants are like humans”, 

also in the newspaper of Kanzhongguo ( in June 28th 2013, there was a paper 

titled “Thirsty! The first time that human heard the ‘scream’ of trees.”


   In “plants are like humans, it mentioned the extraordinary experiment done by lie detective Baxter 

in the sixties of the last century, that the plants could sense, and could have emotions as humans 

detected by lie detectors.

  The happiness: when we watered the tongue orchid, the detector sensed a decrease wave as

in humans.


   The terror: when we twitched the leaf and put it into hot coffee, it didn't change obviously, 

but if we tried to burn the leaf with the fire, even just with the thinking in mind would make 

a great shake in the wave and it surged to the peak. So we could know “my god, it knows 

what we are thinking!”


  The supersense: (here is extracted from the original article)“Baxter carried out an experiment

 like this: he threw several shrimps into hot water alive, and the plants were immediately irritated. 

The same response was recorded after several times. To exclude the manmade interference and 

to confirm the accuracy of the experiment, he used a newly designed machine and threw 

the shrimp into hot water in random time, and used a very delicate recorder to record the result.

 Baxter locked the 3 plants in 3 rooms and connected them with electrode, and no one was 

allowed to enter the rooms.                                                                                                                                


    The next day, when he went in to check the result, he found the waves were soaring 6 or 7

 seconds after every throw of the shrimps into the water.  All the 3 plants showed response, 

 so Baxter said; we could almost affirm that plants have communications among them.

 In Yale University, Baxter put a spider and a plant into the same room, and the spider 

climbed onto the plant. But the recorder recorded a miracle-before the spider came onto the plant, the plant had already showed some response.  

Obviously, the plant could supersense the intention of the spider.


The ones who ever doubted the experiments became the supporters: the experiment of Baxter surprised the world. The Doctor of Chemistry Mike in California thought the result was ridiculous. In order to challenge the result, he also did some experiments, but then his attitude changed absolutely. Mike also demonstrated that plant could sense human’s mind, which is to say, the plant can think as well, and feel the emotions of humans.


So the plant is like human? Then where are their eyes? Why they could communicate their 

feelings? why they would feel the happiness, the terror or even supersense? 

The experiments proved that they do have emotions, independently, and emotions 

don't exist only in human or animals.


The ancient Chinese people also always believed that “everything has spirit

and they had fairy tales of the god of flower, the god of tree, telling that they have

 spirit like humans.  ( The section added in 2014- 2 - 11.)

Qigong, the resonance of genetic filaments;------ Qigong masters who have managed 60-70% of the techniques, can already open all the cells in the palm and make genetic filament resonate to promote health and cure diseases. The palm heat during the process (due to the microwave) inspires and arranges the lesion genetic filament resonance, thus further inspires the localized resonance and heat to palliate the pain. After several circles of treatment, genetic filaments in the lesions regain their order and cells regain their normal function, the disease is then cured. When the master manages 90% of the techniques, he can detect the lesions inside the patients by vision. Not only the master eye used sight wave to scanning the patients focus, but the master inspires the genetic filament resonance and cures the acute disease also. For chronic diseases, the progress goes along two directions: malignant tumors----cancer, resonance can only constrain it to buy some time, since the inspiration can no longer inspire genetic filament resonance. Ordinary chronic lesions will regain filaments order and normal function after several circles of treatment. It is the level of the Qigong masters that matters.

Distant hybridization breeds good strains----regional disparity makes subtle difference to the same genes. When two individuals from different ethnics form a family, the children's gene pairs, one set from father and the other from mother, have slight differences in the allele. Sometimes, alleles may need fusion or adaption. They may release some fusion enzyme as catalyst. Regional disparity calls for more release of fusion enzyme, and some enzyme is then transformed to hormone. Even minimal hormone can make contribution to body shaping and IQ development and promotion. These two advantages are two key points for generating and breeding good strains. Deep down research into the hormone will reveal the answer. If some genes fail to fuse or adapt to each other, the next or the third generation may easily get skin allergy. For example, infant may not be allergenic to one brand milk but become allergenic when he grows to 2-3 years old. When he gets elder to 8-9 years old, he is allergenic to many brands of milk. This is the process that originally recessive genes turn to be dominant. Hybrid may also endure seafood allergy during their growth, but his parents and he himself do not know the real reason. However, this is not severe and can be cured by drugs.

The root of this phenomenon: Thousands of years ago, certain groups live along coastlines far away from stock raising mainland, or they could not afford the price of drinking milk; certain groups lived inside the mainland, and these mainland groups were lack of seafood digestion and absorption genes. With the change of the living environment of their offspring, the diet changed as well, and it calls for time for the gene to adapt. Above-mentioned food leading to allergy very often, but food as vegetables, pork, mutton, beef, and fowl meat or other water fish, they lead to allergy less often. Because ancestors of every group shared these foods as daily diets, the genes for absorption and digestion for these have all well developed.

Above mentioned fusion enzyme belongs to the enzyme family which is big molecule, has catalytic function and takes part in cell activity promotion. Some enzymes catalyze to generate products different from products adapted to the cell genes controlled absorption, and this will lead to allergy. We cure allergy with self-generated or drug introduced ATPase. Among so many enzymes, only ATPase exists in the ancient bacteria. This reflects that ancient bacteria adapts to modern evolution under extreme conditions. An opposite electric charge will be provided by enzymatic transitional stable state molecules, these electric charges may be the driving force for IQ promotions and physics state development in mixed marriage. Electric charges coordinate with ATPase (the mains chemical components in ginseng). Before, the exogamous children got allergenic from time to time, and ginseng ATP supplemented to tem from time to time. So the exogamous children became extremely intelligent.

Human should perform better in information exchange than animals. During the long evolution, human brain volume expanded and IQ developed. Human gained far better reaction and sensitivities than animals. Under the "use and disuse" theory, human genetic double helix filament resonance has been replaced by neuronal system and endocrine system in many aspects, the remained minimal parts can receive other filament resonance or stay in silent state. For example, arthragia due to bad weather, or insensitivity to loved one loss. These are all due to the se and disuse" theory.

Cardiac and genetic resonance brings out animal death----As we all know, any organic or inorganic substance, they have their own vibration frequency. Animal cardiac genetic filaments are the most frequent autooscillated cells. Higher animals have filaments arrangement in random, this is for the purpose of species persistence. They would not resonate with the lightening and other complex environmental factors thus would not get their normal activities damaged. Ten million years ago, dinosaurs extincted. They should have died from the brain or heart cell resonance with celestial bodies or other extreme weathers. The usual opinion is that they died from starvation in the ice age, or suffocation due to tremendous meterolite hit the earth and caused ash air. Then why other animals survived? Several days after 2011, it is reported that in two spots 200 km away from Arkansas, 5 thousand black birds (crows) and 100 thousand fish (drumfish) were found dead. Why other species were unaffected? So it shouldn be the poisonous water or air, or scared to death by fireworks (fireworks are used every year but no death in those other years). There should be some special reasons. The following several days, in Sweden, Britain, Japan, Thailand and Brazil also found vast amount of dead birds and fish or other lower animals. In genetic development, from single spiral genetic filaments to double spiral genetic filaments, from orderly arrangement to random arrangement, this is the first step of evolution. The lower the species, the more orderly the arrangement of genetic filaments is. The autosocillation generated from cardiac cell genetic filament resonance. These animals died from autoocillation, the resonance generated with universal or black dots microwave. Why we say this? First, same fish or same birds, they have same hearts and same genetic filaments, so they receive microwave with same frequency. Second, those dead fish and birds, they live in the nations within same sunshine range and received same influence from the sun and universe.

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