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Discovery in human reproductive rules

發現的生育規律有三條規律組成, 用它就可以解釋到十種現象:

The three reproductive rules explain ten phenomenons.

 1,  基本規律 , 她未懷孕前已決定了第一胎該生兒或育女 ;

Basic rule, gender has been determined before first conception

 2,  主要規律 , 在一些性愛條件下可以基本決定二三四等胎的嬰兒性別 ;

The main rule, certain conditions can determine the gender of the second, third and fourth baby’s gender;

 3, 特殊規律 , 夫婦之中如有特別聰明者會使家庭生單一性別的子女 ;

Special rule, one side in a couple with extremely high IQ will give birth to single gender offsprings

 4,  看似不符合規律 , 但解析後卻仍在規律之中 ;

A rule or not----rule’s universality and particularity

 5,  運用基本規律 , 解釋各國在戰後男嬰急增的原因 ;

Basic rule explains rapid increase of boy birth in the world after big wars.

 6,  運用基本規律 , 解釋社會團體男女人口結構的平衡 ;

Basic rule explains public organization (Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps) gender ratio balance

 7,  運用基本規律 , 解釋中國以往明清王朝和多妻制國家男性多的原因 ;

Basic rule explains male outnumbering in Ming, Qing dynasty and polygynous nations

 8,  運用主要和特殊二規 , 解釋人類智商的提昇是進化所必需 ;

The use of rules explains the statement that the promotion and balance of human intelligence are necessary for evolution;

 9, 為何各國歷年統計男嬰總比女嬰多4%左右?

Why in every country, baby boy birth rate is around 4% higher than girls?

10, 在懷孕前父母該如何做 , 可傳優良基因給下一代 ?

How to good genes to the next generation to have eugenic children before pregnancy?

11, 分析諾獎大嬴家------猶太人 :

Analysis of the big winner of Nobel Prize ----- Jews

12, " 一胎化" , 多妻制和少生少養 , 對社會和國家並非 ;

One child policy, polygyny and breed-less, are these beneficial or harmful to the country?


Glands imbalance affect the gender

14, 哺乳類動物的繁衍規律一般是生殖的初級階段 ;

Mammal’s reproductive rule dominates in the first stage of reproduction.

15,  妳想生仔嗎 ? 妳想生囡嗎 ? 可請教顧問 ;

Do you want a boy or a girl? Please refer to our consultant.

16男性壽命普遍地比女性短的原因 ;

Why men’s life is always shorter than women

17, 從生育規律的發現證明它符合事物發展的基本規律 ;

The finding of reproductive rules and its consistency with the natural developing pattern.

18, 人類演化中如何不斷地剔除壞蛋 ;

How to keep removing the defects in human evolution

19, 基因------遺傳外形和內在的秉性與細絲共振能互通信息;

Gene---the key for external and internal inheritance and information exchange resonance



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Discovery in human reproductive rules
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8, The use of rules explains the statement that the promotion and balance of human intelligence are necessary for evolution;


The brain's thinking and judgments are not only reflected in many aspects of study and work, but also in the genetic natural selection and evolution in human reproduction. Strong and constant thinking, firm determination and will are advantages and virtues, which are important genetic factors, and necessary for human survival competition.



 The primary and special rules of reproductive are unique to humans, as the enhancement of intelligence and the uniformity between sexes are formed in thousands of years of the human evolution history, which not only have the mission of balancing the gender, but also enhance the human brain abilities of reaction, reflection and feedback on various glands, etc. By virtue of this, humans can stand high in the world of the mammals in several hundred thousand years instead of go into extinction.



 In each family men and women usually have different methods to deal with things. This difference of analytical judgments and quick responds has already decided whether the wife would give birth to a boy or a girl in the future. So in many families with Miss IQ, who have successful careers and properly family arrangements, the probability of sons is higher; if men have successful careers, flexibility, quick reactions, and are also in charge at home, it is more likely for him to have girls. For example in HKSAR officials: In family whose husbands are more sophisticated, girls are more; the families with strong wives, boys are more. In the progress of genetic inheritance, these two rules not only arrange the balance of the sexes, but also form a gender balance of complementary intellectual deficiency with comparison the intelligence of parents, and genetic intelligent quality passed on to the next generation of opposite sex, so that the intelligence of the genders will always be uniform and close to each other.



Of course, this is not absolute the case. If the man is extreme tired after work, and woman often take the initiative in sex, it is more likely to have boys, which follows the basic rule of birth, and there is no relationship between the intelligence of children and the main rule in this situation. Therefore in normal situations, in the day of zygote formation, it is more likely to have girls if the man is stronger or has a "physical desire", and it is more likely to have boys if the woman is healthier than man or has the "physical desire". This situation is not within the range of above two rules.


 If the reproductive rule is not like this, one gender is extremely intelligent, while the other is extremely foolish. Uneven gender and intelligence would lead to extinction at last. In the evolutionary process it is the different types of "receptor"* in the inner ovum membrane that hold onto this series of principles. When a sperm break the ovum membrane, it will be blocked by receptors. they need to identify sperm attributes whether the race is the same? It also distinguish the wisdom, response sensitivity, physical strength, face and stature height between the two genders to compensate the weak side, and makes a final decision on the X or Y chromosome sperm. Based on this, the gender balance and the evolution of uniformity of intelligence can be achieved. If you compare the current pedestrians on the road in Hong Kong, men and women were more likely to have short stature and less attractive faces forty or fifty years ago; but this situation has changed in recent years­ there are more tall and mighty men, and tall and graceful women; and handsome men and beautiful women are everywhere. This is because that the impression of good looking people becomes aesthetic standards of many men and women before marriage, and passes on as a genetic inheritance to their children.


In society, some bosses or people with high IQ would give birth to single-sex children, which is a pity for these families. Other people even rumors irresponsibly that it is due to something unethical in the preexistence. Actually they make a great contribution to enhance human intelligence; they not only continue to provide new energy to enhance the wisdom, but also complement and balance human intelligence, so there is no one family with particularly high wisdom. If the male wisdom is particularly high, and the girl from this family will grow up to marry another boy in a different family and give birth to boys; if the female is intelligent, the boys grow into marriage would have girls due to the their wisdom. Wisdom and gender continue to cycle and balance, resulting in the balance of population and intellectual structure of men and women in the modern society.



If you are interested, it is available in the Professor Ma Meng's obituary in mid-May 2006 Ming Bao and Mr. Luo Jihang's obituary in March 2006 to observe the transfer and circulation of the intelligence and gender. The proportion of these obituaries is only about 3-5% in the whole, but you can get a glimpse of how the gender and wisdom keep balance automatically during the process of human reproduction.


When young men and women fall in love each other, if three men chase one woman, it indicates that there are few women so the females should increase and those proactive pursuit who marry within a year would give birth to baby girls to balance the deficits of females; when the couples get pregnant in routine style, men with quick responses will have baby girls, to implement the lack of women; routine sex can complement the differences between the couple, if men are stronger than women, they would give birth to baby girls, so that the next generation of women is relatively sturdy. Continuing to balance and complement gender, intelligence and physical state is necessary for human evolution.



 In the process of having children, the primary and special rules are the intermediate and advanced stages of human evolution, and are also two key stages ------ balance and enhance the human wisdom, gender and physical state, so that future generations would increase competitiveness to survive in a complex environment. There are no steps for ordinary mammals to pass on the intellectual genes of genders to future generations after natural selection and comparisons, and no cases of animals with high intelligence caused by gene mutation. This is the greatest difference between human intelligence and the mammals. (But there are special cases. For example a jackal in a crowd of wolves may be caused by gene mutation. It has high intelligence that I heard it often fight against human intelligence in the wild.)


 * "receptor" concept, from the book " A look at the world of the cell" the authors - Rensburg (Boyce Rensberger), translated by Tu Kexin, validated by Cheng Shude, Taiwan, published by Commonwealth Publishing Co., Ltd. .1998


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