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Discovery in human reproductive rules

發現的生育規律有三條規律組成, 用它就可以解釋到十種現象:

The three reproductive rules explain ten phenomenons.

 1,  基本規律 , 她未懷孕前已決定了第一胎該生兒或育女 ;

Basic rule, gender has been determined before first conception

 2,  主要規律 , 在一些性愛條件下可以基本決定二三四等胎的嬰兒性別 ;

The main rule, certain conditions can determine the gender of the second, third and fourth baby’s gender;

 3, 特殊規律 , 夫婦之中如有特別聰明者會使家庭生單一性別的子女 ;

Special rule, one side in a couple with extremely high IQ will give birth to single gender offsprings

 4,  看似不符合規律 , 但解析後卻仍在規律之中 ;

A rule or not----rule’s universality and particularity

 5,  運用基本規律 , 解釋各國在戰後男嬰急增的原因 ;

Basic rule explains rapid increase of boy birth in the world after big wars.

 6,  運用基本規律 , 解釋社會團體男女人口結構的平衡 ;

Basic rule explains public organization (Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps) gender ratio balance

 7,  運用基本規律 , 解釋中國以往明清王朝和多妻制國家男性多的原因 ;

Basic rule explains male outnumbering in Ming, Qing dynasty and polygynous nations

 8,  運用主要和特殊二規 , 解釋人類智商的提昇是進化所必需 ;

The use of rules explains the statement that the promotion and balance of human intelligence are necessary for evolution;

 9, 為何各國歷年統計男嬰總比女嬰多4%左右?

Why in every country, baby boy birth rate is around 4% higher than girls?

10, 在懷孕前父母該如何做 , 可傳優良基因給下一代 ?

How to good genes to the next generation to have eugenic children before pregnancy?

11, 分析諾獎大嬴家------猶太人 :

Analysis of the big winner of Nobel Prize ----- Jews

12, " 一胎化" , 多妻制和少生少養 , 對社會和國家並非 ;

One child policy, polygyny and breed-less, are these beneficial or harmful to the country?


Glands imbalance affect the gender

14, 哺乳類動物的繁衍規律一般是生殖的初級階段 ;

Mammal’s reproductive rule dominates in the first stage of reproduction.

15,  妳想生仔嗎 ? 妳想生囡嗎 ? 可請教顧問 ;

Do you want a boy or a girl? Please refer to our consultant.

16男性壽命普遍地比女性短的原因 ;

Why men’s life is always shorter than women

17, 從生育規律的發現證明它符合事物發展的基本規律 ;

The finding of reproductive rules and its consistency with the natural developing pattern.

18, 人類演化中如何不斷地剔除壞蛋 ;

How to keep removing the defects in human evolution

19, 基因------遺傳外形和內在的秉性與細絲共振能互通信息;

Gene---the key for external and internal inheritance and information exchange resonance



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Discovery in human reproductive rules
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13Glands imbalance affect the gender:

Above chapters are mainly macroscopic view on human reproduction, on the following we will analyze the reproductive rules on microscope. How to view motion and change? How to understand all the changes, the internal factors are the driving force for change, external factors are conditions for change.

In healthy and normal condition, male secrets male hormone and female secrets female hormone. Multiple organs and neuron system maintain a normal function on the secretion of these minimal glandular secretions. If the hormone concentration alters, brain will adjust according to the feedback. The anterior pituitary secrets health promoting hormones and luteinizing hormone (LH) modulating ovaries and testis. The latter two organs?/SPAN> glandular secretion will have feedback on the brain and stimulates its secretion of progestin, androgen, oestrogen and testerone. It is actually a flash of thinking that changes the glandular secretion. This is associated with hormone concentration and alters with psychological desire for the opposite gender, alters with flexibility and IQ development, and alters with physical status and age, etc.

Human reproductive rules are associated with glandular secretion. Ordinary parents cannot decide the babys gender. In different stage, people have difference psychological and physical desire for others, or they have difference in IQ and physical state, the glandular changes inside their bodies will alter the baby gender.

Research group in University of Pisa has ever quantified hormone concentration of young people being in their first relationship. They found that alteration in hormone stimulated by new relationship was correlated with glandular sex hormone transformation (Min Bao 2004/05/07). For those young people being in a long relationship, the hormone concentration changed little, but they still hold a certain sex hormone concentration in relationship which lasted for more than one year. This suggested that when in relationship, missing each other would influence the hormone concentration.

The hormone concentration in passion will affect the gender (Iwrote in a boy or a girl? This is magical?(published in 2003), if conception comes within one year in marriage, children gender is determined by basic rule, and the result is consistent with Italian research report.) When relationship goes into the stable stage, the difference in intrinsic sensitivity and response will be reflected by adrenal secretion, and the short-term stress reaction dominated in the routine sex intercourse. (Above-mentioned book discussed only on the sensitivity affecting main rule, and the results of baby gender in routine sex recorded in that book is consistent with today further findings in hormone. ) Adrenal hormone will alter the sex hormone concentration transformed from corticorsteroid, thus will directly affect the gender of the second or third child. The zygote formation, the repulsion of X sperm and affinity for Y sperm, or the contrary, this is associated directly with hormone concentration alteration. Some research on hormone alteration in relationship have conducted in several units in Shanghai,the result showed that there were indeed alteration and achieved our hypothesis to a certain extent. The process for cognition is: analysis -> cognize -> re-analyze -> re-cognize.

In primary reproductive stage: before zygote formation, the male estradiol and female testerone secretion altered, the one who endured more alteration would determine to have a child of opposite gender (about the proactive and passive view.)           

In intermediate reproductive stage: short-term stress aroused by short-term adrenal secretion-----the velocity decides, and the one with faster response will determine the baby gender, faster one will have an opposite gender child. (about the sensitivity of response and whether a successful person)

In advanced reproductive stage: one part with extremely high adrenal concentration, further leading to high steroid hormone concentration (testerone) will bring along a series of opposite gender children with high IQ .(IQ more than 130)

We often read on newspapers all over the world of habitual rapist. If we do deeper research on their testerone concentration, we will find that they have higher testerone and are very intelligent, reflected by excess sexual desire and rape crimes. Knowing how to control motion with reason, they would not commit the crimes. Investigation on college student alleged of sexual offense will show that they had better academic performance than ordinary students. This phenomenon is consistent with what we inferred.

From the glandular change to the reproductive stage, every parts they have connections. This is the process of cognition, a deepening process from realm of necessity to the realm of freedom. 

Hormone alteration will further affect the ovum membrane receptors? to choose targets. It is a complicated process of ovulation and zygote formation, and we cannot elaborate in several words. In appropriate time, thousands of sperm move around the ovum attempting to get inside first, and acrosin released by the sperm head attacks ovum protection cells outside membrane. The membrane will expose under enzyme attacks and disintegration of outside protection cells. Sperms will then swing their tails to one aside and pad the membrane heavily. A few sperms get through in first membrane under same or opposite hormone influences. This is not the end, and they have to penetrate the second gel zona pellucid. There are thousands of eceptors?inside the zone for detection and selection.  " Receptors" can only combines with molecules with a specific structure. The receptors will pick  "the aturally selected" sperm after careful comparison, letting in the X sperm or Y sperm. Human evolution goes in silence, with unstopping aturally selection? adjusting and compensating insufficiency by gender of next generation.

For example: it tests the couples physical state, IQ level, appearance and statue, deletes genetic diseases, selects and compensates the weak gender and IQ, attempting to bring about compensation and balance of next generations in various aspects along the human evolution. Unconsciously it achieved: on one hand the gender balance in society for reproduction, on the other hand the IQ balance between men and women. Therefore, It compensates men when men are with weak health, compensates women when women are with weak IQ, picks appearance advantages of the couples to pass on to the babies. Once the penetrating sperm is determined, membrane charges transform to negative from positive and repulse following sperm. Ovum starts fertilization at this point. This is controlled by couple psychology, to achieve a balance between their mental state, interests and physical state. Every cerebral " frash" will reflected on the selection of membrane receptor through genes and glandular response, altering hormone and affects receptors affinity and repulsion, and further altering its natural selection, keeping human evolving and promoting. Therefore, when appearance and stature are the main concern in marriage, the previous will result in more and more good-looking generations, the latter will result in taller and taller generations (better nutrition also contributes). Thinkers' children will benefit, selections go to couples advantage genes and make competitive babies. So ideas and thinkings inside human brains will alter genetic selection and natural selection. The receptors pick gene in a flash and may miss up in such a short time and pass on some genetic diseases to children. For example, when the sperm is testing by the receptors (lasting for only a few second), the wife loses her temper and gets tachycardia with unstable emotions, these all may lead to irreversible genetic harms to the baby.
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